The Gunpowder Plot Experience

A new tourist attraction in london opened earlier this year and I was lucky enough to be invited along to try it out. This immersive experience allows you to become part of the plot to work with Guy Fawkes and try to blow up parliament.

The Gunpowder Plot Experience was amazing. Both of my teenagers enjoyed it as did I and it is unlike any other experience we have done before. The mix of live actors, VR and other multi sensory additions make the whole thing believable and definitely immersive. This is a five star experience!

Fully immersiveExpensive depending on the day
Great for the whole family
As interactive as you want it to be

Where is the Gunpowder Plot Experience?

The Gunpowder Plot Experience is located is located in the Tower Hill Vaults near the Tower of London. Close to Tower Hill tube station and on a regular bus route The Gunpowder Plot Experience is easily accessible by public transport

What is the Gunpowder Plot Experience?

The Gunpowder Plot Experience sees you go undercover and walk through an interactive experience, with various locations that use all of your senses to really immerse you into the story. With fantastic set design that really transports you back in time to 1605, you will meet various characters that help you to progress through the story and decide which side you will be on.

The experience includes lots of multimedia elements including video projections, virtual reality and moving sets. You get to meet Guy Fawkes, played my Tom Felton, when on one of these virtual reality experiences. Tom Felton really fits the role well and is a great addition to the cast.

Is there a break in the experience?

Half way through the experience you get to stop in the Duck and Drake pub to enjoy a quick refreshment. This stop over is for around 20 minutes and is enough time to get a drink from the bar and use the facilities. The pub area is the only place where you can take photos during the experience and it looks fantastic.

How long does the experience last?

The experience takes around and hour and forty minutes including the 20 minute break.

What age is the experience suitable for?

The experience is recommended for ages 12+ due to the story and the special effects that are used. It is actually 12A so if you think your younger child will enjoy it and not have any issues with it then you can still take them along.

How many people are in each session?

Each performance is limited to just 16 people so it is advisable to book early so that you get the time slot that you want. This limit means that you will always be able to see and join in the experience as much as you would like to.

How much are tickets?

Tickets vary in price depending on the day and time, Adult tickets are from £40 and child tickets from 12 to 16 year olds are £10 cheaper.

Is this experience suitable for those with accessibility issues?

There are special days and times for those who need wheelchair accessibility. Those with sensory issues can miss certain parts of the experience and there are different routes if needed. My own daughter has ADHD and struggles with some sensory issues but found that this experience was still enjoyable. There are no jump scares in the experience which was her concern. There are times of darkness, scents, strobe lighting and loud noises so do bear this in mind if you think this is an issue.