Family Friendly Food – Tampopo at The Corn Exchange

When I was away at the Toy Fair Gaming Daddy of Two took the girls along to The Corn Exchange to review Tampopo and help them to compile their Kid’s Guide to eating out. We are quite lucky that our girls are willing to try new foods and experiment when they go to restaurants so I knew that Tampopo would be an interesting experience for them and I wish I had gone too!

Elizabeth absolutely loved using the kids chopsticks and even enjoyed eating the Edamame beans as a snack. Both girls had the junior explorer dish (£4.25)  which consisted of noodles, chicken and vegetables. The kids menu also includes a mini explorer meal (£3.95) and an adventurous explorer meal (£5.50).
The girls loved taking part in the Kids Guide and they have already asked for us to go back to Tampopo so it definitely got the thumbs up from them!