How to have the perfect the stress-free summer holiday

Have you ever tried to get your kids ready for school? Of course, you have – and you’ve got the Vietnam War-like flashbacks to prove it. Every morning requires military precision and grit, the kind of pre-planning that would be given a hearty salute by a grumpy drill sergeant. Lunches have to be made the night before, school uniforms have to be ironed, your children have to cajoled out of bed in the morning, breakfast has to be stuffed into their mouth in bullet-fast time – it’s the kind of challenge that even Hercules would baulk at. But this pales into comparison once the summer holiday season barrels its way towards you like a roaring juggernaut.

If you’re planning for a holiday abroad with your kids, those skills you’ve perfected during term-time will come in handy. As the summer sun comes into view, we thought we’d give you a helping hand to book your family summer holiday.

So why not check out these helpful tips?

  1. Know where to book

Families are well catered for by travel agents, which is why the old-fashioned package holiday is still a favourite amongst parents. TUI (formerly Thomson) remain experts in the family holiday package game, finding locations that can cater towards every generation. That means kids clubs for the little ones, a decent pub near the hotel and plenty of great places to eat when mum and dad want some alone time.

  1. Be prepped before your flight

Catching a flight isn’t the start of your holiday – there’s still plenty that can go wrong before then. To stop your kids from getting bored on the drive to the airport, make sure they’ve got plenty to entertain them, and leave your home with oodles of time to spare.

More than this, definitely look into the Meet and Greet parking option that includes a valet who’ll pick up your car directly from your terminal. This might sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Premium Edinburgh Airport parking, for instance, can cost as little as £57 from a parking company like And remember this – booking in advance could net you substantial savings.

If you really want to avoid the fuss, we’d also recommend purchasing priority queuing in the airport. This’ll get you onto the plane that little bit faster and is perfect if your kids are entering their terrible twos phase.

  1. Coming home

Your journey home should ideally be as stress-free as possible. Grab a taxi from your hotel, arrive a few hours before your flight, and make sure your kids have plenty to keep themselves entertained. Be aware that if you’re travelling home from a small airport, there might not be much to eat, see or do – and that’s a shortcut to stressed-out kids. So bring plenty of provisions and keep a brave face on – your enjoyment will help keep your kids calm.

That’s our list! Can you think of any other ways to have the perfect family summer holiday? Then let us know in the comments below!