South Lakes Safari Park

We love visiting zoo’s and animal parks and our favourite one in the UK is South Lakes Safari Park in Dalton. Thanks to the wonderful people at Jungle Dogs we were able to go on an adventure just before Christmas to escape the chaos of the festive season and spend some quality time together as a family.
South Lakes Safari park is unique as the animals are not all behind fences and you get the chance to interact with them.
As it is Christmas South Lakes Safari Park had some very special visitors and all of the children were given a cup of carrots to feed them. There was also ice skating, a nativity and a santa visit with a gift for each child.
One of our favourite enclosures that you can walk through is the Lemur enclosure which is also home to Emu, Wallabies and a few other creatures. You can buy a bag of food for this area although you can’t hand feed the Lemurs you are able to feed the other animals.
We love exploring South Lakes Safari Park and seeing all the animals as they all seem happy. Being able to hand feed the animals is one of our favourite things to do and I don’t know of another zoo where you can hand feed penguins and giraffes.
Visiting South Lakes Wild Animal park is always a fabulous day out and we really enjoy seeing the expansion including the new wolf enclosure as well as the other big cats enclosures. We had an amazing time and it was just what we needed before the Christmas rush.
A huge thanks to Jungle Dogs for providing us with this fabulous family day out.