Some Great News (We are off to Disneyland Paris)

Last week I heard from a charity who would love to help us out on our dream of getting Elizabeth to Disneyland Paris this year.

They have offered to cover two nights in the Newport bay hotel towards the end of this year and I have sent off three sets of dates. Now it is a waiting game.

I need to be able to pay for the travel to get there so I was checking the flights for the available dates, it is possible but I would have to write a lot of posts to get enough to cover it. Flights are the quickest way to get there but the flight times seem to take a very large chunk out of the days that we could be enjoying spending time with Mickey or the Princesses.

I looked at the Euro star but that also had bad times and I couldn’t do the ferry because we wouldn’t want to have to drive that far.

It got me thinking. What other forms of transport are there?

The best option for us seems to be the coach, now you may think that I am mad but once you are on a coach, your luggage is stored away and if you time it right the kids sleep the whole way anyway. We used the coach when we went to Butlins last year for Christmas and that part of the journey was a lot less stressful than the train.

I was looking at coach times and prices in and they have some great overnight coaches from Victoria Coach Station in London. We would arrive in Paris with nearly a whole day of exploring in front of us and leave right at the end of the day too. Its about half the price of the flights and it is definitely something I would consider.

The only other thing I need to do now is find a fantastic way of breaking the news to the children that we are going to Disneyland Paris!