So much fun at Geronimo!

The sign of a good day is not knowing what was the best bit and our day at Geronimo Festival on Sunday is a perfect example. There were so many amazing things to see and do we just didn’t get a chance to do them all but what we did do was fantastic.
From watching all the fantastic shows on the main stage to meeting some of the girls favourite CBeebies presenters the day was full of fabulous opportunities to get face to face with people from the telly.
Geronimo was not just about the people from the telly and everywhere we went in the grounds we were met with more amazing experiences. We rode donkeys, watched dancing sheep, held baby animals and even stroked a snake (OK I didn’t stroke the snake but I could have done).


If we did have to pick a single activity as our all time favourite then Monkey Do tops the list. Monkey Do was a series of nets strung up between the trees, it was an over protective parents worst nightmare but my girls loved it! No harnesses just lots of nets held to the trees with bungee cords.


We built dens, went on a bear hunt, played with Lego, bounced on bouncy castles and generally filled every moment with fun.
I really home Geronimo returns next year and I look forward to attending once again.