Saving for your family holiday made easy – 4 simple tips that will help you save

It doesn’t matter how many little ones you have following you around the house, or how many hours you work at home as a busy mum or in an office somewhere, typing away from 9 ‘til 5 – everyone deserves a holiday at least once a year. Many of us book a holiday so far in advance that we can pay a small deposit and then pay it off bit by bit – but have you thought about the money you might need for the rest of the holiday? From things like a new holiday wardrobe for you and the kids, to travel insurance, car hire/travel expenses, ice creams, days out, pool toys etc – it all adds up, and very quickly too…

So, with that in mind, here you’ll find 4 super simple tips that will help you save up a little extra spending money for your family holiday.

Check your energy supplier

Whether you’re on domestic oil – check the link for the cheapest oil supplier – or standard gas and electric to heat and power your home, you’d be amazed at how many customers don’t know what tariff they’re on and haven’t looked into changing their suppliers to see if they could get a cheaper deal! Not convinced you’d save any money? Head to a comparison website and put in a few details, you’ll be able to see instantly how much you could be saving each month. Just think of all those extra ice creams (and margaritas for you) that could buy!

Check your wardrobes

Part of getting ready for the family holiday is hitting the shops and buying lots of lovely new holiday outfits and accessories – for you, and the kids too! But before you head to the high street, take a look in your wardrobe and your drawers and see what you already have. Things like summer hats, sunglasses, shorts, pretty tops and dresses have a habit of falling into the back of the wardrobe underneath all our chunky jumpers and winter clothes. So see what you have before you spend money on new things. Don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs for the kids too!

Stop those little spends

No one deserves that extra bottle of wine more than you, but if you want a little extra cash for your holiday you need to kerb your spending a little bit. All those little extras you drop into the trolley on the way around the supermarket, magazines for the kids, new toys, that pair of jeans you’ve been wanting to buy – any money you have left over at the end of the month should go straight into a savings pot for your holiday. Do this for 2 months minimum and you’ll be amazed at how much you save.

Budget, budget, budget

From your food shop, to how much you spend on sun cream if you budget for every aspect of your holiday then you’ll be able to stick to your budget a little easier.