Potters Resort – all inclusive fun for the whole family

There are not many places where I would want to join in with so many activities, but Potters resort is the perfect place to try something new. In just one weekend I rode a go-kart, shot an air rifle, practised kurling and even rode on a Segway. Oh, and let’s not forget getting attacked by the Phantom Flan Flinger.

Whether you are visiting Potters resort for the first or the tenth time you will feel right at home as the staff welcome you like they have known you for years and for many of the guests this is true. Potters Resort is a family tradition for many of the guests with parents who used to holiday here as a child now bringing a new generation.

Potters Resort has a variety of accommodations that can host families of various sizes with adjoining rooms in both the hotels and the bungalows. With food all-inclusive, you might worry that the standard would be low but that is definitely not the case at Potters Resort. With a set menu to choose from as well as a buffet selection for each of the meals, the choice is fantastic even for the fussiest of eaters. Breakfast consists of a hot buffet selection, cereal, pastries and fruits as well as menu choices including poached, scrambled and soft boiled eggs. Lunch is always accompanied by a salad buffet and jacket potatoes as well as the hot buffet selection and the choice from the menu. The dinner options vary each night but always include a carvery with a different roast on offer each time. As well as the three courses available during the day, there is also a midnight snack on offer although I have never managed to stay up late enough to sample this.

The food isn’t the only thing that is all-inclusive at Potters Resort and the huge range of activities on offer attract a variety of guests to try them out. 

We spent the afternoon practising our Indoor Kurling alongside families of all ages and we did air rifle shooting alongside some lovely older ladies who were telling me that it was their first time trying it but seeing as it was included they thought they should give it a go.  The inflatable assault course was also a firm family favourite and we watched children and adults of all ages racing through the obstacles.

Over the whole weekend, we only money we spent on activities was to go bowling, play bingo and for my brother to have a go on the clay pigeon shooting. Even the Summer Fayre was free and lots of fun.

Fitting all of the activities that we wanted to do into one weekend was tough but as we have visited previously we were able to choose activities which we have not done before or ones that we really enjoyed. We did miss not taking part in any of the quiz sessions or the afternoon races but our afternoons were filled with the summer activities taking place on the family green which was lots of fun. We really enjoyed watching the Sweeper on Saturday afternoon and seeing all the people fall over before my brother had a go.

The Summer Fayre was definitely the highlight of our weekend. As my brother had just turned 16 I had conspired with the staff to nominate him for a visit from the Phantom Flan Flinger and after enjoying the stalls on the family green and eating the free candyfloss we stayed around to watch the festivities, waiting for the Phantom to arrive. Unfortunately for me, the Phantom Flan Flinger had more than one victim on his radar that day and it seems my nomination backfired.

If you have never heard of the Phantom Flan Flinger you should head over to the Potters Resorts Facebook page where they share a series of videos showing you the adventures of the Phantom Flan Flinger, a special guest who stays at Potters Resort for the summer. You can even visit the Phantoms lair but only go in if you dare.

As always we had an amazing stay at Potters Resort and it is definitely somewhere I would recommend for the whole family after all there really is something for everyone to enjoy.