Old Trafford Football Club Tour


Last week I played hostess to my little brother and my niece for four nights. They wanted to come to Manchester and see all the wonderful things we have up here.

Wonderful things? in Manchester?

Well it certainly put my brain to the test but I managed to fill our days with activities. One that I was dreading was taking them to Old Trafford courtesy of Buy a gift.

As a Liverpool fan Old Trafford Football ground was obviously not my place of choice but seen as they are United fans and so is Hubby and the girls I relented. It’s not as though we had never been there before. We had our wedding reception their nearly four years ago.

The tour was fantastic and we got to see so many areas of the stadium. I never thought there would be so many secret corridors in the stadium.


The kids all loved the home dressing room and we had lots of photo’s with the different shirts.


The places we saw were amazing but unfortunately we had a bit of a weird tour guide who spent most of the tour talking about himself rather than telling us anything interesting about the stadium. This soon became tedious for the kids and slightly weird. We noticed other tour guides telling their guests about some really interesting facts about the stadium so we were slightly disappointed about that.

One thing that made my day more interesting was the fact that I was wearing my Liverpool shirt.

We really enjoyed parts of the tour and the cost was fantastic. We each got a Manchester United Lanyard to keep and we even got to spend as much time as we wanted in the Museum after the tour.

The museum contained lots of trophies, old kits and lots of interesting information.


I wonder if I can convince Hubby that we need to do a tour of Anfield now?