Medieval Times Orlando – a fabulous theatrical dinner experience for the whole family

I have always been intrigued by the idea of a theatrical dinner experience and when we were in Orlando in 2015 we drove past Medieval Times nearly every day. So when we decided to return this year I knew it was somewhere that we wanted to visit. Medieval Times is a well established theatrical dining experience that has venues across America.

We went along to the Medieval Times in Orlando for an evening of entertainment the night before we headed home.

We were placed in the Green knights area and each of us was given a green crown to wear. The arena was huge and the attention to detail in the decor and staff costumes were perfect with the wenches serving our drinks and food. I loved the crockery that we were given to eat from, they had an authentical medieval feel to them.

The one downside to the food at Medieval Times is that there is a fixed menu which means if you are fussy then you might not enjoy your dinner. However, the food that was served was simple yet delicious and we certainly had no complaints and empty plates. Even the children and my fussy younger brother cleared their plates.

The entertainment that we watching included horsemanship, a falconry display and some jousting. It was set around a story to do with the king and the different coloured knights.

The costumes and the stunts performed were amazing but you could tell that these actors had performed the same story over and over again. The dialogue felt a little bit tired but the action itself was captivating.

After our dinner, we headed into the Medieval village to have a walk around and it was very interesting although some parts were definitely not suitable for inquisitive children. Both of my two can read and they were quite appalled by some of the torture devices that they saw as they had very graphic descriptions of how they worked.

Overall we really enjoyed our evening at Medieval Times. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I am glad we have done but I can’t see us paying to repeat it unless we knew that there was a different story being acted out.