Loving our day at Lollibop Festival

Last weekend saw us attend a fantastic festival for children for the third year in a row.

Lollibop has become a big part of our summer calendar and something that we always look forward to as a family. As with many activities like these there will always be some people who don’t enjoy it. There will always be queues for certain activities. There will always be crowds and there will always be pushchairs everywhere.

To counteract these things we have an agreement as a family that we will not queue for anything. If things are busy we walk away and come back later.

We also only choose a few things to definitely watch and spend the rest of the time wandering around, immersing ourselves in the wonderful atmosphere and enjoying all of the street theatre.

By having this attitude we got to fit an awful lot into our day. We took part in so many craft activities at the imagination stations dotted around including making bunting, windmills, colouring, sticking and generally making a mess.

We also found some fabulous crafts in the LalaLoopsy area and got a little goody bag for creating a mask picture.

It wasn’t just craft areas that drew our attention, there were also lots of areas for the kids to let of a bit of steam and have a good old play with some toys.

With Lego Duplo, Little Tikes, Baby Annabell, LalaLoopsy and Wow toys there was lots of exciting toys for the younger children to enjoy. The girls loved the Lego Duplo area and it was fantastic to see all of the different types available. They also loved making biscuits with Baby Annabell, dressing up with LalaLoopsy and playing with all the Wow toys available. Elizabeth especially enjoyed finding all of the girls toys that we hadn’t seen before.

We also had a great time in the National Geographic kids tent and the Science Museum area.

Elizabeth loved digging in the sand to find the bones and almost managed to find a whole skeleton. We also took part in the bug quiz and we were amazed to receive a message at the end of the day to say we won a goody bag.

The best bit in the Science Museum had to be the cornflour. I love playing with cornflour. One area that was really popular was the Skylanders Swap force area. This game is already high up on the children’s wish lists after playing with it at the Argos Xmas in July event and playing at Lollibop just reinforced that love.

Alison also had great fun designing and drawing her own Skylander Swap Force character. She designed a Sprout octopus. Skylanders SwapForce is available to pre-order and you could do that on the day.

We saw and did so much in one day that I could keep going on but there was also so much that we didnt get a chance to go. We didnt get to design a tshirt with River Island or visit the Lolli Promenade or the meadows. We saw some amazing characters and some fantastic shows on the stages and the best bit was we didnt queue for anything.