Family Friendly Food – Lock Keeper Sizzling Pub

When it comes to eating out as a family it isn’t all about the gourmet restaurants and foreign foods, sometimes we just love to eat some good pub grub and when we headed to the Lock Keeper, a sizzling pub in Radcliffe.

As part of the Sizzling Pub chain, it offers a large selection of pub restaurant food such as steaks, burgers, fish and chips and  Shepherds pie. In fact, it has a bit of something for everyone and that is what makes places like this fantastic. The Lock Keeper is the perfect local pub restaurant for the whole family with everyone being able to choose from the menu and most dinners costing less than £10.

lock keeper all adult

I am not going to tell you that it was the best steak I have ever eaten but it was delicious, well cooked and hot. All our food came out at the same time and for three adult meals, two sides and two kids meals it came to less than £50 so we really can’t complain at all. Alison selected burger, chips and peas whilst Elizabeth opted for hunters chicken, mash and beans and they both had a build your own sundae as a pudding.  The mash was slightly reminiscent of what they used to serve when I was at school but Elizabeth absolutely loved it and the chips and sweet potato fries went down a treat.

To make the whole experience even better whilst we were waiting for our food the kids were able to go and play in Fuzzy Eds, the adjoining soft play area, and hubby was able to connect to the free wifi to catch up on the football. If you do live locally it is worth noting that Fuzzy Eds offer £10 passes for the week or a £25 for entry all summer which could be a great way of getting the kids out of the house.

If you want a cheap meal out where the whole family can have what they want without any complaints then I could definitely recommend the Lock Keeper Sizzling Pub.