Knowsley Safari Park New Tiger Trail

A few weeks ago we headed to Knowsley Safari Park for a family day out and to check out the new Tiger Trail which opened earlier this year.

The Amur Tiger Trail is home to two sisters, Bira and Sinda. The area has been completely redeveloped and includes lots of areas for the kids to interact with and learn more about the Amur tigers. There is lots of areas to watch the Tigers from and even a den building area for the kids to get creative in. My girls had a great time testing their speed against a tiger or seeing if they could leap as far as one.

Knowsley Safari Park is not far away from us so it makes a great family day out and one that is great no matter what the weather although a sunny day is definitely better for the foot safari. The part that my girls enjoy the most is the driving safari.

We had an amazing time looking at all of the different animals and even spotted a tiny little Rhino baby when we were driving around although he was great at avoiding the camera. To make the whole experience better you can download the Knowsley Safari App and use it with the guidebook to make the pages come to life. This was lots of fun and something that the kids can look at when you get home as well.

The Knowsley Safari Park also allows you to book a seat on the Baboon Bus if you don’t want to take your car around. This is something that my husband would have liked us to do but my girls like nothing more than seeing a monkey try to eat our car so I didnt want to spoil their fun.