Keswick Country House Hotel

We love travelling and it is not all about going on a plane, in fact I think that the satisfaction of being able to jump into your car and end up in a wonderful place in just a few hours is what makes England so special.
We recently headed up to the Keswick Country House Hotel which is in the northern part of the Lake District. The hotel is a beautiful grand building which also utilises the old train station. In fact, it was that part of the building that we stayed in. The fabulous family station room had lots of space for us all including plenty of floor space for the girls to play, a huge bathroom and a seating area with desk in case I felt the need to do any work.

The station room also came with complimentary water and some delicious chocolates inside those small blue boxes (but don’t tell the girls because I ate them all!). We also had a tea and coffee tray with a lovely biscuit assortment that the girls demolished after I took this photo.
One thing I loved about the Keswick Hotel was the architecture and traditional fittings. The stain glass windows and mouldings were like stepping back in time and the girls enjoyed it too. Elizabeth said that the main part of the hotel reminded her of a castle.
So whilst we were living like queens we were also eating like kings. The quality of the food available in the restaurant was amazing and the girls really enjoyed trying a variety of dishes. My favourite starter was the one that Elizabeth chose which included breaded goats cheese and ratatouille although Adam’s ribs were a close second. Main course had to be the steak but all of the dishes were delicious.
We were at the Keswick Hotel for Gaming Daddy of Two’s birthday so they even placed a candle in his pudding which was a lovely gesture.

The lake district is always stunning but I don’ normally visit the northern area so we really enjoyed driving around, we would have gone for a walk but the weather conspired against us.

The backdrop to the hotel was stunning and it was set in beautiful gardens which in the Summer must be teaming with life and everyone out enjoying the fresh air.

We really enjoyed walking the grounds after breakfast and getting a chance to see some of the other residents who enjoy the gardens. The area is very popular with rabbits and each night they come out on to the lawn at dinner time which the girls loved watching through the window.
With a beautiful room, comfy beds, fabulous food and set in an area of amazing natural beauty I can not recommend the Keswick Hotel enough. It was friendly to families with a special children’s menu and yet it was also perfect for couples or groups without children. It had a very relaxed pace to the hotel and the whole area in general and I really wish that the weather had been better so that we could have investigated the nearby town and walked the grounds some more.