How to save money at Walt Disney World

You and your family members would love to spend the upcoming vacation at Walt Disney World. However, a lot of the families don’t go ahead with booking it as they assume that a Disney vacation would cost them a fortune. This fact is not true at all. There are many opportunities available for you to save money at Walt Disney World. Here are some of the most prominent methods available for you to save money while spending your time at the Walt Disney World. They can provide great overall assistance to you with saving your money.

Book a vacation package

If you are looking forward to staying at one of the Disney hotels, it is definitely a good idea to think about booking a vacation package. The vacation package would bundle your Disney park ticket and hotel with your travel. These packages usually come with a massive discount. If you calculate and see how much you will have to spend to book the hotel and tickets separately, you will figure out how much money you will be able to save.

Take your own food

Taking your own food to the park is another effective method available for you to save money while spending time in the park. From this method, you will be able to save a lot of money. You can find lots of restaurants inside the Walt Disney World. However, you will also have to spend a lot of money to dine in at these restaurants. Therefore, you should head to the local supermarket and put together picnics for each day. You will be amazed at how much this will save you. You should also take a refillable water bottle as they have free water available and this will make huge savings.

Free Disney Dining Plan

If you want to stay at a Disney hotel and you are looking for ways to save money then why not try to book when they have the free Disney Dining plan. This allows you to enjoy snacks and meals across the hotels, theme parks and Disney springs which means you don’t need to worry about money for food.

Travel during the off-season

The prices of Disney vacation packages vary massively depending on the time of year and they are a lot cheaper during the off-peak season. Therefore, you should think about travelling during the off-season. It is better if you can plan your travel during late January and the month of February. It will help you to get your hands on the best deals available. You should also refrain from travelling to the Walt Disney World during holidays.

Look for souvenirs elsewhere

While spending your time in the Walt Disney World, you will no doubt want to buy some souvenirs. However, you will have to spend a lot of money to purchase souvenirs within the Disney World. Therefore, you are encouraged to look for souvenirs outside the Disney World. For example, you can take a look at the Disney Character Warehouse shops in Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and Orlando International Premium Outlets. These shops are great for getting you the souvenirs you want by spending a lot less money.