Festival of Light at Longleat Safari and Adventure park

Yesterday we headed across to Longleat Safari and Adventure Park and met up with Alice and her boys from Life As Alice. Our kids get along really well so it is always nice to get them together for a fun packed day out. We were visiting Longleat for the Festival of Light show which is a series of art installations that light up at night. They looked amazing during the day when we arrived so we couldn’t wait to see what they would look like in the dark.

Alice has a brand new car so we all squished into mine for the trip around the Safari park whilst we waiting for it to get dark. With two adults and four kids, it was a bit of a squish but we all had lots of fun.

The Safari drive took around 3 hours from start to finish but we were really lucky to get the chance to see all of the animals that we were looking for. The kids definitely loved the monkey enclosure the most.

We loved the safari but we were really looking forward to the Festival of light which switched on at 4pm.

When we first walked through the Festival of Light it was still early and the skies were only just beginning to get dark. The lanterns looked amazing in the daylight and we took our time exploring the whole of the exhibit.

I loved this Little Red Riding hood lantern with the big bad wolf right next to her. The animal lanterns were my favourite as they were so well made.

The Frog Prince was a huge lantern and one of the kid’s favourites.

All of the lanterns represented different fairy tales, some were fairly small and others like this Beauty and The Beast lantern were massive. We loved walking through the Festival of Light and definitely recommend it to families of all ages. Check out this video of our day.

The Festival of Light is open at Longleat Safari and Adventure Park until 7th January 2018. Visit the website for more information and to purchase tickets – https://www.longleat.co.uk/festival-of-light 



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