Family friendly restaurants – Tru Street

We headed to the upper level of the Orient in the Trafford Centre on Wednesday evening to try out the menu  at the new Tru Street restaurant.

Tru Street

Whilst spending ages looking through the extensive menu we were treated to some flavoured popcorn. Which was lovely for us to pick over and whet our apetites.

tru street popcorn

Choosing what to order from the menu was actually quite hard as it all sounded amazing but we opted for the black pepper chicken lollipops and BBQ pulled pork tacos whilst the girls chose cola chicken wings and a dubai salad. The flavours were amazing but our favourite had to be the chicken lollipops and we were fighting over who would have the 5th one.

When it came to the main course I actually asked for some advice from our waiter. He recommended the Hawker which allowed me to try three different dishes so I thought that was a great idea. Adam opted for the Salt and Pepper Kraken burger which was dressed wasabi mustard and avacado. I have to say that I was actually quite jealous of his burger as the crab tasted and looked amazing. However my choices of Nasi Goreng, crispy shredded chicken and wonjo beef were also full of flavour and I had soon forgotten about my longing for his burger although he did descrive it as the most exciting and delicious burger he had ever eaten. The girls opted for a hotdog and buddha noodles. It was great to see the kids menu have a variety of plain and more complex food items to cater for all tastes and make eating out as a family better.

Tru Street don’t have a dessert menu yet and I am actually quite thankful for that as I was so full after my stomach couldn’t have coped with more food.


One thing I did want to tell you about is the homemade sauces made at Tru Street. Although not currently available to purchase they do hope that they will be at some point in the future. The three sauces are very different in taste and yet they were all amazing.  This is definitely something to keep an eye on and if you do head to Tru Street make sure you try all three of their sauces.


tru street sauce

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