Family Friendly Restaurants – Red Hot World Buffet

When we really want to go out for dinner but we can’t agree on where to go there is one place that we can all agree on. Red Hot World Buffet is the ideal place to eat when you have a large selection of people, fussy eaters, a big apetite or when you just cant decide that to eat.

Recently Red Hot World Buffet have made some changes to the menu by adding lots of new freshly cooked items on a variety of stations. The food on display looks fantastic and a lot of effort has gone in to the presentation of the food which means you dont feel like you are eating out of a school canteen and instead find food presented as it would be in an a la carte restaurant.

There are four fresh cooking stations that include a grill, oriental, indian and italian. You can order items to be cooked fresh for you whilst you wait or whilst you enjoy the many other delicious items on offer.
 As much as I enjoy piling my plate full of all of teh starters, curries and other dishes I couldnt help myself when it came to having a freshly flame cooked sirloin steak which was plated for me with a mango and jalapeno marinade and some delicious coleslaw. I just had to choose what to have with it and opted for some of the delicious salads and some corn chips from the TexMex station. Elizabeth opted for Spaghetti Bolognese and Adam went for noodles. Watching it all cooked fresh meant that you could add more chilli if you wanted or opt out of garlic or another ingredient.
The main issue I have with Red Hot World Buffet is that just walking through the doors seems to make my trousers shrink and even though they already feel tight after just eating the savoury items, one look at the desserts and you just know that they are going to get even smaller!
We love going to Red Hot World Buffet and with fixed prices it is easy to budget and you know that everyone will be leaving completely satisfied!