Family friendly restaurants – Pizza Express #PizzaExpressIceAge

We love eating out as a family and one of the places we enjoy more than most is Pizza Express. Pizza is a real treat in our house and we love the quality and variety available at Pizza Express.

On Monday we headed to our local Pizza Express restaurant as they have just launched a new Ice Age themed kids activity pack to go along with their Piccolo menu.

The Ice Age activity sheet included fun facts, brainteasers, spot the difference and a variety of puzzles as well as a colouring competition. Both girls really enjoyed the sheet and it certainly kept them busy whilst waiting on their dough balls.

In some restaurants we find the kids menu to be restrictive and not enough food to satisfy the girls appetites now they are getting older but we don’t have this problem at Pizza Express. The girls love getting their own portion of 4 doughballs with garlic butter and vegetables as a starter and then being able to choose their pasta or pizza as well as adding extra toppings and choosing the thickness of the base means they get a real personalised choice. Alison always opts for extra vegetables and olives on her pepperoni pizza whereas Elizabeth likes a thin cheesy pizza with no other toppings.

Pizza Express picolo margerita pizza express picolo pepperoni

As I am still on a countdown to my cruise I opted for one of the Leggera pizzas with a super food filling whilst Adam went for the Calabrese which is a rectangular pizza full of spicy meat and fabulous flavours.


pizza express leggera pizza pizza express calabrese

After the main course I was completely stuffed but the girls both found space to enjoy a chocolate brownie and babycino for their dessert. I have no idea where they put all of their food but there is always room for pudding!

The kids menu costs £6.95 for three courses which I think is really good value and means that you can have a great family meal out for around £50 including puddings and drinks


Did you know that Pizza Express also offer pizza making parties? For £11.95 per child the kids get to make their own pizza and have doughballs, gelatin, squash, balloons, certificates and party games. I think this is a great idea for a party for kids of all ages and definitely something we will keep in mind in the future.


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  1. Love Adam’s choice here and think I may have to go that way on my next visit! Yum! Glad you all had a great time. 🙂

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