Exploring the Fairy tales at Efteling

When we were planning our trip to Holland during the Easter Holidays there was one place that kept coming up in my research. Efteling is a fairy tale theme park that has attractions suitable for all ages. A ticket costs less than forty euros per person and this gives you access to all of the rides and the shows.

Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands and it really was huge. We spent all day there wandering from land to land going on the rides and absorbing the settings. Each of the areas was themed and they all looked fantastic.

I have to admit that I am not the best when it comes to rides but I have two daredevils for children so I always find myself being dragged on rides that I don’t want to go on. One of these rides was called Bob. It was a bobsleigh ride with no track and it was pretty terrifying! However the girls loved it and this was just the first ride of the day.

I was soon to discover that all of the bigger rides at Efteling required some courage and that I always look terrified in the photos whilst the girls love every minute of it. This wooden roller coaster looked so old that it couldn’t possibly be safe and the speed at which we were hurtled around the track had me convinced we wouldn’t make it off alive but we did and luckily we got to go on again!


The girls favourite ride was the flying Dutchman, a water ride that sees you come out of the castle and splashing into the water. Whilst queuing you learn the story of the Flying Dutchman a ghost ship doomed to sail the seven seas forever and when you are going through the castle in the boat you experience darkness, mist and scary sights so it is not for young children but mine absolutely loved it.


It wasn’t just the rides that were impressive, we enjoyed wandering around all of the lands and taking in all of the sights.

As well as the big rides, we also went on some of the other smaller family rides and had a great day exploring. We didn’t get to do even half of what we wanted to do and we didn’t watch any of the shows as we just ran out of time so this is certainly somewhere that we would love to return. You can actually stay on site in a variety of accommodation options which would allow you to spend a few days enjoying Efteling and really get to see and experience everything that they had on offer.

If you want to find out more about this amazing place that brings fairy tales to life then check out the website https://www.efteling.com/en

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