CLC Duchally Country Resort – Things to do on resort

Spending four days at CLC Duchally was one of the most relaxing breaks I have had in a while but that isn’t to say that we spent our time sat around doing nothing.

The CLC Duchally Country Resort is not only the perfect base to explore Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands but it is also packed full of things to keep you busy on site. Every single day that we stayed at CLC Duchally we spent a few hours in the leisure centre enjoying the swimming pool and jacuzzi. I know that if my husband had been with us then he would have made use of the gym facilities too.

Copyright 2015 Matthew Shaw.
Copyright 2015 Matthew Shaw.

As well as the pool and fitness suite the leisure centre was also home to a lovely little cafe that made fabulous pizzas which you can eat in or take away back to your accommodation. It was really cold when we went but the small park, nature trail and BBQ area would be brilliant in the summer.

The nature trail was beautiful even in the winter and the area was full of birds although I would have loved to have seen one of the red squirrels that can be found on the resort.

One of the hidden gems at CLC Duchally Country resort is the games room. Although I knew it existed it was only on the last day that we went looking for it and I am glad that we did. The games room had arcades and a pool table that the girls loved playing on and it was the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon.

Copyright 2015 Matthew Shaw.

Although the accommodation we were staying in was self-catering we also took advantage of the traditional Scottish breakfast and the gorgeous food that was available in the restaurant. The food was absolutely fantastic and it was made using mostly local ingredients. We all really enjoyed the food and I wish we had eaten there earlier in our stay instead of on the last day as there were lots of items on the menu that I would have liked to enjoy.

CLC Duchally Country Resort can be as relaxing as you want it to be. It can be your escape from the outside world and you can spend your time in your accommodation where you have everything that you could possible need or you can embrace all of the facilities and meet new friends at the bar over a glass of whisky or spend your time relaxing in the sauna after a workout. Whatever your idea of a perfect getaway I would definitely recommend taking a look at the other CLC World resorts & hotels because if CLC Duchally Country resort is this amazing I would love to explore some of their other resorts around the world.

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  1. I still remember the photo of that breakfast! (You can tell I’m on a diet lol.) This looked like a lovely break – I’d never thought of going to Scotland before, but you’ve changed my mind.

  2. Wow – there’s loads going on there! It looks like it’s quiet and relaxed, but with plenty to keep you interested at that slower pace – it’s definitely way to holiday and not go home exhausted 🙂

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