Chima Challenge at Chessington

Heading to Chessington on Monday brought back loads of memories of being a child. Having grown up close by it was the theme park of choice for any days out.

Heading back there with kids of my own was brilliant and I loved taking them on the bubble works. Obviously we were not just there to play on the rides but to be one of the first to experience the CHIMA Challenge roadshow. We were actually lucky enough to be the very first people to gain entry to the CHIMA challenge roadshow. Elizabeth loves playing with the CHIMA Speedorz so we knew how to use them, it didn’t give us an advantage though as my little brother and his mate beat both of our scores.

We really enjoyed have a jungle brunch in the Chessington hotel and loved all the themed food especially the biscuits.

We also enjoyed watching an episode of Legends of Chima that explained more of the back story between Laval and Cragger.
The whole day was fabulous and you can catch the CHIMA challenge roadshow as it goes around the country over the next 6 months. We will also be heading back to Chessington as soon as we can as to explore the park some more as we had to head of early to make our way down to Butlins.

We had time for a cuddle, a few rides and a quick feed of the Lorakeets before we went though.