Cavendish Hotel – (not) sleeping in Luxury


I wish I could turn back the clock to Thursday 2nd May when I joined Simone from Sims Life at The Cavendish Hotel for afternoon tea.

I wish we had gone alone so we could have a good old natter, however that was not meant to be and we were in London to attend the Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party so the kids had to come.

Having children with us did mean that we had to share our Afternoon Tea though and they quickly scoffed down all the gorgeous looking pastries and they glooped all the clotted cream onto the mouth watering looking scones. It was good for my diet, taking the children. It was not good for my hunger. Surprisingly the children were not that interested in the Sandwiches so we managed to share those between us and they were lovely too.


The room was amazing, we had an executive king size room with a sofa bed and the soft furnishings made me feel as though I was somewhere really posh. I almost didn’t want to let the kids jump on the bed but thought better of it and joined in instead.

They loved there little bath robes and shower gels as well as there activity packs and I have to say the robes were very cute.

My favourite part of the room was the Nespresso machine as I have always wanted to try one. I worked my way through the three coffees available and was devastated when I read that one of them was decaff! It would have been lovely to have had a wider selection available but then I am a coffee addict so I more than likely wouldn’t have slept at all if they had done that.


The room was a lot larger than I expected and the soft furnishings and attention to detail made the room seem homely yet stylish.

The most important part of any hotel room is the bed and it can make or break the enjoyment of a stay if the bed was uncomfortable. The bed in our room was a King size bed and thank god it was. Alison started the night on the sofa bed and Elizabeth was in the king size bed with me. However it wasn’t long before Alison joined us. The problem with that is that she is a wriggle bum. She can not stay still when she is sleeping and I was kicked, pushed and generally disturbed for most of the night until I ended up sleeping length ways across the bottom of the bed.

So although the bed was amazingly comfortable unfortunately I didn’t have that much sleep but I will make up for that when we head back to The Cavendish in August and this time I will be taking Hubby with me. He is most looking forward to the fantastic shower and the all you can eat breakfast, especially the waffles which were amazing.