Camp Bestival – Tudors on Tour

As Camp Bestival bloggers we wanted to try and do a bit of everything but unfortunately, time was against us and we just couldn’t fit it all in but one area that really surprised us was the Tudors on tour area.

Camp Bestival header

When I first looked at the timetable and all of the press releases about the Tudors on tour area I wasn’t convinced that it would be somewhere that we would spend our time and for the first two days we walked straight through it to get to the Dingly Dell. However, on the last day, we thought we would have a look around at all of the activities on offer and we were really surprised. Every single activity within the Tudors on tour area was completely free and I have to say that was a relief after the hammering my purse took whilst in the Magic Meadow and kids gardens so we set about getting involved.

tudors on tour games

The first thing we did was have a go at a few of the Tudor inspired games before trying to shoot a crossbow (unsuccessfully I might add). We also enjoyed candle making, stone masonry and helping to cook the kings dinner.

tudors on tour henrys cooks

There was always some form of theatre going on whether in the theatre tent or on the grass in the centre. We listened to historic figures discuss the Tudor times and even helped to fight off a dragon.

tudors on tour stories

We ventured into the Kings tent where we had the pleasure to meet King Henry VIII himself along with Queen Catherine Howard (Henry’s 5th wife). We had to practice our curtsies before entering but once inside King Henry VIII was able to tell us all about his life and the lives of the Tudors.

tudors on tour king and queen

By far the area I enjoyed most was the dressing Up tent where we were transformed into a Tudor family. Alison really didn’t want to wear a dress and even found the boys outfits to frilly for her liking so she decided not to join in but she had good fun laughing at us. I think the dress suits Elizabeth but I am glad I didn’t live back then, the fashion was awful! For example, did you know that if you wore purple you would be accused of treason and being a pretender to the thrown? I love purple!

tudors on tour dressing up

We had a brilliant time in the Tudors on tour area and it has really made us want to go and visit Hampton Court Palace to learn more about this fabulous period in history and the wonderful King Henry VIII