Camp Bestival – Things we did in the Dingly Dell

For the second year in a row, we headed down to Lulworth to attend the Camp Bestival event. It is our annual family festival and once again we came away with some amazing memories of our time there. This first post focuses on our favourite place in the whole festival, the Dingly Dell.

Camp Bestival header

The Dingly Dell is home to Lizzies Way, the National trust’s 50 things meadow, Longdown farms petting zoo, the ATE trusts woodland warriors and Fore/Adventure sessions there was always something to do.

Lizzies Way

Without a doubt, the place that the girls loved more than anywhere else was Lizzie’s way and as soon as we entered the Dingly Dell they ran down the path to get to their favourite activities. Surrounded by fabulous decorations, story nooks, puppet theatres and the most amazing opportunities to play. Between the potion kitchen and the mud cafe, the girls spent hours and hours here revelling in nature and creating some wonderful concoctions.

At the far end of the Dingly dell is one of the other areas that the girls really enjoyed, the National Trust’s 50 things meadow.

50 things

We have actually worked our way through quite a lot of the 50 things to do before you are 11 and three-quarters but it is always good to try and tick even more of the list. The National Trust’s 50 things meadow was home to tree-climbing, natural art, and the big craft project as well as rolling down a hill, making grass whistles and loads of other nature orientated things to try.

The Dingly Dell was also the place to go to make lanterns with the ATE trust, hold a chick at the Longdown Farm Petting Zoo, check out a crashed space ship or play on a fabulous wooden play park. Tearing the kids away from the Dingly Dell and all of these amazing activities was really tough but we had the whole of Camp Bestival to explore and lots to see and do. Look out for my other posts which will be showing you all the other things that we got up to over a busy fun packed weekend.