Butlins Day 4 -Thursday 8th September 

Although we were booked on the character breakfast this morning the girls did not want to get out of bed, not that I am complaining having a lie in for even an extra hour is a rarity.

After breakfast we headed over to the Skyline pavilion for The Little Big Club. Today we were joined by Angelina Ballerina who gave us a dancing lesson, Fireman Sam who taught us all to be safe and Barney, BJ and Baby bop who sang some songs with us. The girls had lots of fun and when it was finished headed off to the indoor tots funfair for a quick play before we had a snack whilst they played in the magic circle.

This afternoon is Lazytown and whilst I would not normally queue to get a good seat I decided to stand in line with all the other parents. I sent Hubby off to Puppet castle and did my duty. This actually worked out well as I managed to jump on twitter and facebook for 20 minutes whilst making sure we got a great table and had drinks ready and waiting when hubby brought the kids up to centre stage. By the way did I mention the skyline pavilion had wifi? obviously very important to us mummy bloggers but I did promise hubby that I would not go on my phone whilst he was there so apart from sneaking to the toilets I hadnt been able to get my online fix.

Anyway back to Lazytown. It was a great show with a great storyline and obviously the underlying message of eat healthy and do more that is part of Lazytown. The actors were great and the kids had no idea it wasnt the real sportacus because the man playing him pulled some great moves just like the real sportacus.

After Lazytown the Skyline gang put on there celebration show. This is a great show as you can get shout outs for the kids (or adults) birthdays. With it being Alisons birthday we popped to the inFUNmation desk earlier in the week and put her name down. She loved having her name read out by sprout who is her favourite. However during this show one of those unfortunate moments happen when you get weed on. Yes you read that right, sitting on the floor with a newly toilet training and very tired but excited toddler sat on my knee meant I got weed on, a lot. Whilst hubby scrambled to get tissues and a change of clothes for Alison I sat there for the rest of the show with a very wet lap. A few people noticed but fortunately as we were all parents they just laughed it off and said they were glad it wasnt them, nice huh 🙂

Anyway after getting back to my room and getting changed we popped over to have our photo taken with the skyline gang. Elizabeth was a bit star struck so only Alison and I managed to have a picture.

I do have a better one but its in Alisons room and she wont let me take it to scan it in.

We had dinner in papa johns pizza place again tonight as we knew it would be quick and Elizabeth was very excited about the evenings entertainment, Puppets go live. The puppeteers from puppet castle head up to the main stage with there mascot Jingle Jester and perform a puppet show with very large puppets. The songs are catchy and they get some of the children to join in for audience participation.

So this is the end of this trip to Butlins, in the morning we will be packing our bags and heading to Peppa Pig world over at Paultons park. You are allowed to stay on resort until midday and normally we would but we are not down this way often and ever since I read about Peppa Pig world on other blogs I have wanted to take the girls.

Bye Butlins, Bye Billy, we will miss you but we will be back soon.