Butlins Day 3 – Wednesday 7th September

Today we had a lie in, this did mean that we didnt have breakfast with the characters (Spud and Wendy) but the girls didnt mind and seemed in a lot better mood after the extra sleep.

Wednesdays at Bognor means Thomas the tank engine. This is great for Thomas fans but my girls are not really that keen. We watched about 20 minutes of what was a really good show before Elizabeth was bored and wanted to go and do something else.

Whilst Thomas is on it means that nothing else is scheduled for the Skyline pavilion so there was no puppet castle to enjoy this morning however that doesnt mean there was nothing to do. With Looney Tunes in centre stage, Arts and crafts in the nursery and all of the sports activities plus the swimming pool, soft play area and funfairs we definitely were not bored.

The girls decided they wanted to go swimming so we headed off to Splash. Bognor’s splash is the smallest out of the three resorts but I still think it is plenty big enough. With slides for all ages, waves, bubble pools and rapids as well as two good sized pools it never seems that busy so we had lots of fun. We stayed in until lunchtime when we had to get out to go to our character lunch.

The butlins character lunches are £15 per person or £50 for a family of four. It takes place in the coast restaurant which is one of butlins premier dining restaurants and includes an all you can eat buffet. We always book onto the character lunch as we find it is a great experience for the girls. Each child gets a free picture taken with Angelina Ballerina and Bob the builder, the characters then visit each table in turn before leaving the children to eat there lunch. The girls each received a Billy bear balloon and a toy kite (gift varies each time, we have had cuddly toys including Billy, blow up chairs, pop up storage and more). At the end Billy bear and Daisy cow came out to read a story before it was time to say goodbye.

By the time we had a little rest after lunch Thomas was all packed up and over at the puppet castle Billy bear and redcoat Michaela were getting ready to read us all a story. It was really good and was nice to have a little down time just listening to a good old fashioned story.

Ever since I had arrived on Monday I was intrigued by some new rigging around the skyline stage, hubby hadnt even noticed it until I pointed it out but it has a sign on it that said “Circus Rocks” this was also the name of the show due on at 6:15pm. Its weird for there to be a show we have not seen before so we were very excited and made sure we got really good seats.

What can I say, it was amazing. A circus/acrobatic/dancing show where everyone is dressed like a caveman. The skills and costumes on display were amazing and there was always something to watch. It flowed very easily with the background story joining it all together nicely. The redcoat who was singing had an amazing voice and I thought it was a sound track until hubby pointed her out.

Next we headed to Brian Turners new restaurant simply called “Turners” but I will write about this seperately as I like to think of myself as something of a food critic.

After dinner the girls were really tired so we headed back to our room for a bath and an earlyish night.