Butlins Day 1 Monday 4th September

When staying at Butlins you can arrive on site from midday. We are unable to check into our hotel room until 3 o’clock but with access to splash and the skyline pavilion this isnt a problem.

With the entertainment in the Skyline starting with Elizabeths favourite, at the Puppet Castle at 1pm we soon get stuck into enjoying our stay.

We go to the hotel to check in and head up to our room, the kids love it and are very excited about sleeping in different beds. Especially Elizabeth who wants to sleep in the top bunk.

We found this on our bed.

Next up on our entertainment schedule was the Skyline gangs meet the gang show (we have the cd of this in our car so we were able to sing along). The girls love all of the characters from the Skyline gang but there favourite is Rainbow the dog.

After the joys of the Skyline gang we headed outside to have a go on the funfair. We enjoyed the Merry go round, the pirate ship and the trampolines. All of the staff were very friendly allowing the kids to stay on for another go if they wanted to and there were no queues which was really good.

By this time we were getting hungry so we decide to head to Papa Johns Pizza place, they do a buffet of pizza, pasta and salad for about £9 per adult and £4 per children. Elizabeth decided she wanted Spaghetti bolognese so she shared one with her sister. I have to say the pizza’s were great, there was a large selection on offer and they were all fresh and hot. The salads on the other hand were a bit strange. A fruit salad in a mayonnaise type dressing, a Waldorf type salad with no apple but lots of strawberries and a greek salad that really could have done with some feta.

Next up was the Pantomine- each resort has a different one, Bognor does Goldilocks and the three bears. It is always fun trying to spot the redcoats and even the skyline gang in different costumes. We really like this one because Billy bear takes part which is always a good way of getting the childrens attention.
Once the panto was finished it was 8:30pm, we headed over to the hotel and eagerly awaited Billy bear ready to put him to bed before heading to bed ourselves.