Butlins Bognor Regis – The Shoreline Hotel makeover

Ten years ago the Shoreline Hotel opened its doors and I have to say the last time we stayed there I did think to myself that it could really do with being upgraded so when I heard that this was exactly what Butlins had done this year I had to go and have a look.

We have always enjoyed staying at the hotels in Bognor Regis and the Shoreline is the perfect place for families with children under 7 (although both of mine still think it is awesome!). The Shoreline Hotel is home to Billy Bears Bedroom and there are lots of opportunities to hand out with a variety of characters who visit throughout the day.

The makeover includes the rooms, lifts and corridors and has taken on a nautical theme. The carpet in the corridor looked amazing and as you come out of the lift you have to walk the plank and then stroll down the corridor where the girls loved jumping over the port holes and avoiding the water.

The corridors are just the start and I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the decor in the bedrooms. As I said we have stayed in the hotels a lot but when it comes to the Shoreline Hotel I wasn’t too keen on the kids bedroom as it didn’t have a door and lacked storage but that has all changed. This has all changed now as they have put up some amazing pirate themed thick black out curtains that means even on the brightest day you will be able to get your kids to nap. They have also changed the beds from cross over bunks to a normal (albeit shorter) set of bunk beds giving more space for storage facilities which also includes a fabulous built in colour changing night light.shoreline bedroom curtains
shoreline lamp

shoreline beds

It’s not just the children’s area that has changed, the storage in the main area has all been updated with more drawers, a mini fridge and even a special cupboard that is perfect for makeup and toiletries that even has a mirror on the door. The main room includes either a double bed or twin beds, a fabulous purple octopus themed sofa and even the stool at the dressing table has eight legs!

shoreline bed shoreline drawers shoreline sofa

I was already in love with the room and that was before I noticed one amazing feature which is just perfect for the age of children who these rooms are aimed at. They have created a fantastic activity centre that is stuck to the wall for kids to play with and each room has an octopus cushion to sit on too!

shoreline activity centre

The attention to detail and the added features mean that the Shoreline is an amazing place to stay where the kids might not want to leave their bedroom, let alone the room!

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  1. Oh wow it looks like a fab hotel! Love the theme and the octopus cushions x

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