Butlins – Are B-line passes worth it?

As a huge fan of all the Butlins shows I know just how important it is to get a good seat and one way to do this is to spend hours in the queues before the venue opens. Another way is to buy a B-Line pass.

B-line passes are an additional cost that provides each member of your family with a wristband that allows you access to the entertainment venues without queuing. They only really work if you are willing to get to the venue in the 15 minutes before it opens to everyone else which does leave you hanging around waiting for the show to start but it also means you will get the best seats in the house.

When we went to Butlins Minehead during the February half term we used the B-line passes to get front row seats in Centre Stage for Laughter, Camera, Action performed by Cirque Du Hilarious as well as Dick N Dom and Aladdin Rocks. We also used them to get decent seats for Buffalo Billy in Reds but the time they made the biggest difference was for our trips to Splash Waterworld. Splash worked on coloured wristbands and the few times we went for a swim there were queues out the door waiting for the next session to end before more people were allowed entry. Our B-Line passes allowed us to skip the queue and go straight through which certainly improved our enjoyment of our holiday.

We have been to Butlins many times without B-Line passes and when the girls were little we used to just sit on the floor in the venues with them which meant we didn’t have to queue but now they want to sit with us to enjoy the shows being able to get decent seats has become a lot more important.  B-Line prices do vary depending on the length of your break and whether it is peak or off-peak season but we certainly put them to good use and I would definitely consider getting them on future breaks.

3 thoughts on “Butlins – Are B-line passes worth it?”

  1. I’m going in Aug this year, just me and my 10 year old boy. The b line passes were already sold out when I tried to get them, they did say on phone to ask when I arrive in case of cancellations but I’m so worried it is going to be a nightmare without them, especially when I’m on my own. My son is desperate to see Stephen mulhern especially but also the other entertainment &I enjoy the swimming pool, how early would we need to be ready to que without the passes do you think?

  2. I believe you will need to buy them for your whole break or at the very least for a 3 night break or the 4 night break which is how the 7 night break would be split. The passes get you in early to shows in Reds, Centre Stage and into Splash. If you are the sort of person who would stand in a queue for 30 minutes to make sure you get a good seat then I would say they are worth it. Also if you are going during a really busy time then they would be worth it then. To be honest with you going for 7 nights you will have a lot of repeated entertainment so you might not need them.

  3. Hi! If I am going for a 7 night break but don’t want b line for every event, can I buy a 2 day pass? Does it start on check in and run out 2 nights later or can I use them as and when?

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