Best places to visit in Greece as a family

The first real holiday I remember from when I was a kid was to the Greek island of Corfu. We were not in a large resort but there were enough hotels, restaurants and kids running around to make the holiday a fun one. All I remember from that holiday is eating an awful lot of watermelon, trying olives for the first time and playing on the beach and in the sea with the local kids. You see I think that family holidays don’t need to be all singing and dancing, you just need a decent beach, a warm pool and nice weather. This post pulls together some of the best family beach holidays in Greece as well as a few other ideas on places to visit.


Mykonos is one of the top family destinations for greeks which means that it should be top of your list when looking for somewhere special to visit with your family. It is easy to take a trip to the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of the Greek gods Zeus, Apollo, Artemis and Leto. A trip to Mykonos town is a great place to wander and do some window shopping whilst also seeing if you can find famous resident Petros the Pelican who loves meeting tourists.


If you are looking for an active beach holiday then I highly recommend heading to Kos where the conditions are absolutely perfect for family water sports. We loved visiting the Lakitira resort where my kids learnt to windsurf and kayak. If you are looking for somewhere to visit for a day out then the Asklepion is not far from the main town and was a great place to visit to show the kids the old ruins. We visited Kos in October and found that the weather was still very pleasant.


Rhodes’s east coast has a huge stretch of golden beaches with shallow water that stays warm and is perfect for young families to splash around. This is the ideal location for picnics on the beach whilst building sandcastles together as well swimming in the sea. If you are looking for a bit of history then Rhodes Town on the northern tip of the island is full of cobbled alleys and medieval fortifications. With over 300 days of sunshine, Rhodes is a great place to visit if you want some winter sunshine. It might be best to try and avoid the peak summer months especially if you have small children. The temperatures during this peak time can be really hot which can make it uncomfortable for babies and toddlers and the island can be very crowded at this time. Rhodes is an ideal place to visit in May/June and September/October.


Called the Garden Island, Corfu is full of olive groves and orange trees plus some beautiful flowers. This island has lots of amazing beaches for families to explore and a variety of resorts which allow you to choose one that fits your families needs. You can find some perfect self-catering accommodation in some of the smaller resort villages which allows you to eat out at local restaurants and sample the cuisine available. No matter what age of the child that you are travelling with attractions such as the Aqualand Waterpark, they will make sure that they have a good time.


Crete is a really popular island for families to visit and has the longest summer in Greece which makes it perfect for early or late summer holidays. Crete is the largest of the Islands in Greece which means that there is a bit of something for everyone. As the island is so big it is a good idea to look at car rental in Crete so you can get around easily. If your ideal holiday in Greece is spending time at the beach, there are hundreds to choose from. There are lots of great family resorts for all budgets and with places such as the Cretaquarium to spend your days your kids will have a great time.


Santorini is known for its Luxury so if you are looking for a family holiday with those special touches then I recommend you look here. With stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets, Santorini is ideal to visit all year round. It isn’t a large island so if exploring is what you are visiting for then look elsewhere but if you want to relax and have some downtime whilst the kids enjoy kayaking or sailing then this is could be perfect.


Halkidiki is a peninsula on the mainland but it has absolutely beautiful beaches which are perfect for families to enjoy. This little-known part of Greece has lots of blue flag beaches and a wide variety of hotel complexes that offer everything that families.


Thessaloniki is a great seaside town on the mainland with family-friendly beaches and lots of fun things to do in the local area. If you like to have lots of days out when you are travelling then Thessalonika could be the perfect place in Greece for you to visit. With the Thessalonika zoo which includes the Museum of Natural History and the local Dinosaur park, there are lots of activities for young children whilst teenagers will love the Mediterranean Cosmos which is a huge shopping mall as well as the Waterland theme park.

Other things to do in Greece

If spending the long hot days on the amazing beaches is not your idea of a perfect holiday then there are also lots of other fun things to do with your kids. A trip to Athens allows you to explore Ancient Greece in a fun way. There are lots of museums and recreational parks to explore and they even have tours of the Acropolis on tablets with a 3D app so tech-savvy kids can see how the Acropolis used to look. Adding technology in this way will really help to engage children and make this a fun day out for the whole family.

If you are wanting to add a fun yet educational twist your holiday then Greece is the perfect destination. Greek history is all about Gods and Mythological creatures so introducing your children to minotaurs, pegasus and Centaurs could be a great way to get them interested in what Greece has to offer. There is even a Percy Jackson experience for those kids who are fans of the book series to really get them excited about their trip.

We love travelling the world and Greece has such a variety of places to visit that you will easily be able to find the perfect destination to suit your family.