Basil Brush Live – on tour now!

As I sat waiting for the curtains to raise I was more excited than a school kid. I was going to get to see Basil Brush live on stage and meet him afterwards too!

I love Basil Brush and used to watch him on the tv when I was young and I was really looking forward to introducing the girls to his humour. As huge fans of Sooty I knew that they would love Basil but they were not convinced.

Within minutes of the shows starting the girls were shouting “Boom Boom Basil” at the top of their voices and nearly wetting themselves with laughter as Basil started to wind up poor Mr Stephen.

The show was fantastic and really kept us entertained and had us all joining in.

I was really impressed with the items that the show had on sale too. Although they had flashy wands they were only £5 each which is a lot cheaper than normal. We bought a Basil Brush magnet to put on our fridge to remember the show and each time Alison sees it she shouts “Boom Boom Basil!”

I obviously couldnt meet a celebrity puppet like Basil without getting a selfie with him.

If you want to go and watch Basil Brush and get to meet him afterwards his tour continues. Check out the venues and dates on the Basil Brush Website.