BarBurrito Burrito Masterclass


Being invited along to one of my favourite city centre lunch venues to try my hand at making my own lunch was like a dream come true. I remember when BarBurrito first opened its doors to the waiting public all those many years ago.

Working close by mean and with nothing but fast food or over priced rubbish nearby plus my love of spice meant that BarBurrito became a regular haunt for me when I worked in the centre of town.


The restaurant has had a makeover and my beloved quesadillas are no longer on the menu but all in all the restaurant has gone from strength to strength. With the added value of a children’s menu I know I can now take my kids along too.

After we sampled each of the individual ingredients separately we moved on to “How to wrap a Burrito BarBurrito Style”. To begin with we had to use plain rice. They didn’t want us wasting all the ingredients on our practice runs and the rice was a really good way of trying out the special technique.


I used to always have a chicken burrito but after sampling the steak in the taster session at the beginning I decided to go for that.

With the new spicy mexican rice, the spicy beans and medium rare steak cubes it was already starting to look quite full. I added in both of the different types of vegetables and the extra hot salsa.

Being on Slimming World I avoided the guacamole, sour cream and cheese and settled on adding lots of lettuce so I had my super free in there too.


I then used my new found skills and managed to wrap it all up with none of it falling out.

I then ate it.

It was yummy.

It was before 11am.

Does that officially make it my first ever breakfast burrito?

I have to say I didn’t want to eat anything else for a long time afterwards and just about managed a few snacks that evening when I went to another press event.

I have awoken my love of BarBurrito and will be frequenting there as often as I can now I remember how nice they are.