Back at Butlins

Seven weeks ago we left Butlins are a fabulous ambassador weekend and today we drove back under that arch and it’s almost like coming home. My four-year-old niece told me this weekend that we live at Butlins. We certainly love it. When we arrive it is like going back to visit family. The two redcoats on duty to welcome us recognised us at once and welcomed us back. The redcoat who checked me in remembered me and we were chatting like old friends. In fact, all we have down today is to talk to all the different redcoats who recognised us and came to ask how we are.


Unfortunately, we were given accommodation on the first floor and Elizabeth still really struggles with stairs but as the resort is not that busy I popped to Guest Services to see if they can change us to a ground floor apartment. What they did was so much better. Thank you to a very helpful person we find ourselves relaxing in the space and luxury of a Wave Hotel Reef apartment. It is fantastic, so colourful and with so much space. We have loads of exciting things coming up over the next four days including some fabulous new shows and Elizabeth’s birthday surprise. I already have some fabulous footage from the Big Red Gameshow and King meets Queen, two fantastic shows we watched in centre stage this evening.