Aquatica – more than just a water park

Our last day in America and we were due to fly from Orlando at 6 pm so we decided not to waste our last day in the sunshine. The only thing we had not done in Florida was to visit a water park so we opted to spend our last day at Aquatica.

I was slightly sunburned from our trip to the Bahamas so I opted to stay covered up and out of the water but everyone else went off to enjoy the many rides and I have to say that I was quite jealous watching them as they all had fun.

There were lots of different slides and attractions for people of all ages and the way they organised the queues seemed to keep everything flowing easily.

It was very busy when we were there but this was towards the end of July and the UK schools had broken up already so I am sure they added to the crowds.

We didn’t find that we struggled to find sunbeds to relax on and the queues for food and drink moved quickly so apart from the pure amount of people in the water we didn’t really notice the crowds.

If your kids are not big swimmers there was still plenty of them to do and the splash area looked like it was lots of fun for all the kids that were running around in there.

The reason we chose Aquatica over the other water parks in Orlando was the pure variety of activities for the whole family. From lazy rivers to exhilarating water slides, Aquatica had everything that we were looking for and more.

One of the things I was looking forward to seeing the most at Aquatica was the Dolphin Plunge with the pod of black and white Commerson Dolphins. Although I didn’t go on the ride I was still able to enjoy watching them through the tank windows.

We were really sad to be leaving Orlando and after another glorious day in the sunshine, there was only one thing for me to be doing on the way to the airport, looking at dates of when we can come back.