Alternative Birthday Parties – Chill Factore (plus a 25% discount code if you book today!)

We love birthday parties and not a single birthday has gone by for the girls which didnt involve some kind of party but it is getting harder to create something fun and interesting whilst not trashing our house. A few weeks ago we headed over to the Chill Factore to experience one of their fabulous birthday party options and had a brilliant time.

Depending on the age of children then there are a variety of parties available. Snow Park Parties are perfect for children aged 4 and above and Mini land parties are suitable for children aged 2 to 4. There are also climbing parties, ski parties, snowboard parties, airboarding parties and even snowscoot parties! You are bound to find something that is perfect for your group.

Both Alison and Elizabeth had a lot of fun at the Snow Park Party and enjoyed trying all of the different activities.

The parties include 45 minutes of activities and can be booked with or without food which gives you great flexibility. You don’t get the jacket and trouser hire included in the party so kids need to bring their own or you need to hire then for £6 per child.

We were really impressed with the quality of the food that was provided at the party with the options including freshly baked pizzas, burgers, chicken nuggets, vegetable lasagne, fish & chips and some amazing pudding options. It was great to see some options that didnt include chips and catered for a more grown up palate.

We all had an amazing time and it is definitely something I would recommend and you have the choice to book your own party with a fabulous 25% off.

To book a party click on this special Chill Factore Party link and use the code BPARTY25