Afternoon Tea at Hey Little Cupcake

Nothing makes me as excited as cake and coffee and for 2017 I promised myself that I would take more time out for myself. Even though I work for myself at home I still find that I don’t look after myself properly. So with this in mind, I contacted Hey Little Cupcake to see if they would be interested in hosting myself and a school mum friend of mine for Afternoon Tea. The purpose was to spend some time away from our laptops and away from our house work and be well and truly spoilt.

Hey Little Cupcake is a fabulous little cake shop situated in Spinningfields in Manchester City Center and if you have ever walked in there you will know that the main problem is trying to choose which of the amazing looking cakes you are going to eat first.

Afternoon Tea cost just £14 per head and includes your choice of hot drink, sandwiches, mini cakes, chocolate covered strawberries and a scone.

We decided to really indulge ourselves and opted for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. It’s not often that I get to enjoy something this decadent without a child’s finger swiping through the cream and stealing all my marshmallows so we really enjoyed this.

The bottom layer included four cupcake shaped sandwiches per person. These were made up of ham with cucumber and egg mayonnaise with cress. I loved the fact that they were cut into cupcake shapes instead of boring strips.

On the very top layer, we were each given a large strawberry dipped in chocolate and a small yet delicious macaroon. Although it isn’t strawberry season yet these were delicious and the macaroon was among the best I have ever had.

When I looked at the cake layer, I was a little bit disappointed that there was not a chocolate cake included but I have to say that these little morsels were amazing. I have never been a lover of frosting but the frosting that Hey Little Cupcake create is amazing. Each of these cakes had a different texture and flavour. The pink one was so light and fluffy it was like eating a strawberry cloud but my favourite one was the honeycomb one at the front which had the added crunch on the top.

Last but not least I moved on to the scones. I tweeted this image, asking which way round people put the jam and the cream and had a discussion with my friend who had opposing views to me. You see, I have always stated that the jam should go first because you can’t spread jam on top of cream but after putting it to the taste test I found that I actually preferred it when the cream went on first and I added a large dollop of jam on the top.

We left Hey Little Cupcake full of food, relaxed and ready to pick up the kids from school.

Hey Little Cupcake also offers parties, personalised cupcakes and a variety of classes for adults and children which are absolutely fantastic. See what we got up to when I took my girls along to one of their cupcake decorating classes.