A brief tour of Angers

With less than 24 hours to absorb the culture and surrounds of a wonderful city like Angers I was left reeling from the amazing sights and wanting more. From our trip on the Angers eye to the apocolypse tapestry I found Angers to be a wonder for my eyes and for my camera.
One of our first sights to be seen in Angers was this fabulous fountain which was next to the Angers eye. It was so large and I could imagine it full of children splashing around in the summer.
The Chant du Monde, an impressive contemporary tapestry by Jean Lurcat is displayed in the 12th century Hospital of St John and beside the end tapestry is a door that leads to the most magnificent courtyard full of architectural wonder. I spent a long time looking through my camera lens here and I have many amazing photos to treasure but I wish I could have stayed longer as the more I looked the more wonders I found.
The Chateau Forteresse d’Angers is the home of the apocalypse tapestry. The 13th century fortress with 17 towers is home to the amazing 460 feet long, 20 feet high tapestry which depicts the battle between good and evil.
The sculptures of David D’Angers (1788-1856) are displayed in a restored medieval abbey just off one of the main streets, in fact you could walk straight past and not even realise it was there which would be a shame as it houses some fabulous pieces of artwork.
As you wander the streets of Angers you will see many sculptures on the buildings and I would recommend you look up because sometimes they may just shock you or make you laugh out loud. You never know what is right in front of your eyes until you look a little harder.
There is so much to see that I feel as though we barely even glanced at the wonders that were in front of us and I wish we had been given more time to look around and explore. However thankfully there is a direct plane from London City to Angers airport so we may be looking at going back in 2015. I would love to take the girls and explore some of the more family friendly attractions such as Terra Botanica, Aqua Vita, Parc Anjou Adventure and Parc des Sablieres.