5 Best Budget Family Holiday Destinations

When it comes to your family holiday this summer, there is no reason why you need to break the bank. Kids are already expensive enough, especially when you stop to consider the importance of saving for college and their immediate school expenses. Fortunately, there are a number of budget family holiday destinations that allow you to save money on airfare and hotel accommodations.

  1. Barcelona, Spain – This is one of the better family holiday locations, as there are a number of things to see and do while all age groups are able to enjoy themselves. Parents and children alike can take in all of the fabulously designed Antonio Gaudí architecture or head to the hills, where Parc Guell’s giant lizards and curving mosaics will certainly capture the attention of the little ones. For a more traditional family outing, head to Parc de Ciutadella and enjoy a picnic, as well as a trip to the zoo.
  1. Disneyland Paris – While most see Paris a land of romance, culture and adult-related fun, your children can enjoy a trip to Disneyland Paris at a price that you can afford. Keeping an eye on the sales means that this ca be a great budget family holiday that is packed full of fun. The kids are bound to have a great time meeting their favorite Disney characters, riding Space Mountain and visiting Walt Disney Studios Park. Meanwhile, parents who are looking to take a load off at a restaurant or bar have a multitude of choices in the Disney Village district. Check out my top 5 tips for Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris castle fireworks

  1. Marrakech, Morocco – Looking for a family holiday destination that will provide your kids with more than just roller coasters and water slides? If you book in advance, flights to Marrakech are highly affordable and children are exposed to cultures that they would have otherwise never seen. Families typically enjoy visiting all of the local bazaars, taking camel rides and watching snake charmers perform. More active families are able to head to the Atlas Mountains for a fun trek.
  1. Brittany, France – This is the perfect destination for families looking to travel abroad, while still avoiding scorching summer temperatures. Do you have a gamer in your family? Be sure to mention that Mont Saint Michel was featured in the popular Assassin’s Creed series of video game titles if you’re looking to build their anticipation!
  1. Edinburgh, Scotland – If you are fortunate enough to head to Edinburgh during the summer months, you are arriving smack dab in the middle of festival season. There are standup comedy clubs for children, where G-rated jokes are told and kids are also able to try out their own standup routines if they have the courage to do so. There are street theater shows to see as well, and kids who wish to see sharks and seals up close can head to Deep Sea World. As you don’t have to jump on a plan to get there the travel costs alone make this a great destination for a budget family holiday. With so much to see and do in this wonderful city you will never be bored, we particularly loved visiting Edinburgh Zoo.

edinburgh zoo monkey