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Review: Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS

Hyrule Warriors is a game that has already seen a release on the Nintendo Wii U, so the question is why bring it out for the handheld 3DS? And will it transfer well enough over to a small games system? … Read More

Forget downloading apps play these great games online!

I don’t know about you but my kids are always bugging me to download new apps for them but the problem is that their tablets are running out of space which means that we are constantly downloading and then deleting … Read More

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Ultra Smash is another video game in the Mario Tennis series, which can be traced back to the days of the N64 and even the failed Virtual Boy.  Whilst released around the world in November 2016, Japan only received the … Read More

Family Games to Play anywhere

Family games offer a wonderful bonding opportunity. Some of them are simple enough for everyone; including youngsters and adults playing together. Apart from bringing the family together, family games can help improve memory, language and other learning skills. The kids … Read More