Zuru Toys – My Magical Seahorse, Lifelike Robotic Jellyfish and Robo Turtle

My girls have been pestering me for a Robo Turtle for months so I was over the moon when I received a parcel containing My Magical Seahorse. Lifelike Robotic Jellyfish and a pink Robo Turtle. All three products are made by Zuru and look amazing in their packaging.
My Magical Seahorse comes with her own tank which has a place on the side to clip her when not in use. It also has a shell on the top which you open to expose a button. Pressing this button will create bubbles which cause the Seahorse to swim around even more. My Magical Seahorse tank is a great alternative to a pet and the attention to detail on the seahorse makes it a very pretty pet at that.
Robo Turtle came as a single pack although you can also get the Robo Turtle habitat. Robo Turtle moves on land and in the water by moving its front two flippers. It looks super cute when moving and swims well too. This has been a huge hit and is currently in the bathroom so it can be played with every bath time.
Lifelike Robotic Jellyfish is a bit different to the other sets as it comes with a night light charging stand and a collapsible bowl. The bowl is constructed by feeding the green plastic rod through the top of the clear bowl. It then fits together at the end. This helps the bowl to stay up. I would recommend only filling this up in the bath or outside due to the floppy nature bowl. The night light stand looks fantastic and takes 4 AA batteries which charge the Jellyfish when it is attached using the magnet on its head. The jellyfish has lights on it that flash when on the stand.

When swimming the Jellyfish looks fantastic and moves through the water really well. I almost wish I had a big fish tank to put it in so I can watch it all the time.

So there you go, three fabulous Zuru products that I would definitely recommend this Christmas.