Zoomer – The best Robotic dog I have ever seen


Robotic dogs seem very popular this year and nearly every toy fair, Christmas in July and Dream toys there was Teksta on show. My girls have both fallen for the adverts of the Teksta this year but every time I saw them they didn’t work properly, had lost an ear or had run out of batteries.

I really didn’t want to part with my hard earned cash to buy one especially after reading reviews on Amazon and Argos. After I couldn’t get my hands on one to put it to the test and after I had seen Zoomer at Dream Toys my attention shifted.

Zoomer is a dalmation with a difference with wheels for feet and some amazing joints in his leg he can zoom around at fast speeds just like a puppy really should. Zoomer’s tail is on a spring which means it looks as though it is wagging constantly. With yapping, barking and even a little bit of whining Zoomer makes a huge range of sounds and is the closest to a real puppy that I have ever seen.

You can teach Zoomer lots of tricks using voice commands and he can also be trained to follow you and come to you. We love asking Zoomer to play dead which causes him to roll onto his back and his eyes have crosses on them before he jumps back up ready to play. Alison loves telling Zoomer to go pee and he goes up to something and cocks his leg. It is brilliant and Zoomer will continue to learn new tricks the more you teach him. You get given a training guide and also there is a great Zoomer Pup website.

Zoomer is fun, interactive and the most life like in movements and personality to a real pup that I have ever seen. We love him and to make him super practical he has a mini USB charger too. I have seen some reviews about Zoomer making funny whirring noises but I have found that he only does this when tired and a nice rest (and charge) soon makes him feel much better.

Zoomer is only available from Smyths toy superstores (currently at a reduced price too!)and I am sure he will be a great hit this Christmas.

There are some fabulous Youtube videos so I didn’t want to make my own but check this one out by Dad Does for a great look at what Zoomer can do.