Zinc Pink Mohawk Helmet


I never thought I would see the day that Alison would be wearing something pink but even she could not fight the urge to wear this super cool mohawk safety helmet from Zinc. Although not available to buy yet these helmets will be part of the autumn Winter range that will be out soon.

A very well made easily adjusted helmet with superb spikes down the middle and fantastic graffiti like graphics on either side this has been one review item that both girls have loved.

A lot of children don’t like wearing helmets as they are not very cool but with one like this they would be the envy of all the kids. So many children wanted to look at it when we went to the park that I could not think of a single child who wouldn’t want to wear one. Obviously not all pink though!

They look cool and they do their job well. What more could you ask from a piece of safety equipment?