ZEEK – Getting more for your money

I love getting more stuff for my money and I spend ages searching for online discount codes before I buy something so when I heard about Zeek I thought that I just had to give it a go.

Zeek allows you to Buy or Sell unwanted gift vouchers. With everything from supermarkets to fashion to restaurants I am sure that there is a voucher that is just screaming out your name.

You can sort the vouchers by the Largest discount, the newest vouchers or Hot vouchers (popular ones). I do think it would have been good to have a value option especially if you were looking for a gift for example.

As you go through the list of vouchers it really is hard to decide which one to buy but just press and hold the voucher for a little heart to appear, this will then be stored in your favourite vouchers section.
I was sent a £50 promo code to try out the service, I chose two H&M vouchers as I know they have some great kids clothes and we could do with getting the girls some more summer clothes as they seem to have outgrown all the ones from last year. Now I ordered real vouchers and not online vouchers so I have to sit back and wait for them to arrive through my door. Zeek guarantee that these will arrive within 7 working days.
I am sure a lot of you are wondering if you would ever use this service but I really think it could help save you some money especially if you use it to buy a supermarket voucher. Zeek currently has vouchers on sale for Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda. So if you logged on right now and used my Zeek code, 2bs094, which gets you £10 off your first gift voucher purchase then a £40 sainsburys voucher would only cost you £24! That has got to be worth it right? Download the app from Zeek and then add the above code (2bs094) to the promo code section in the main menu.

Let me know what you buy and how much money you save