Yvolution Y Flyer – A new way to scoot

Alison is a complete daredevil and loves trying out new ways to travel. Never shy to give something a go she is already a master of the bike, roller skates and skateboard. When I was offered the Yvolution Y Flyer to review I knew that this was something that she would enjoy. The Yvolution Y Flyer is kind of a cross between a scooter and a bike and a stepper machine. Suitable for ages seven plus the Yvolution Y Flyer requires a certain amount of skill and strength and although she struggled the first few times she was soon zooming down the road.


The Yvolution Y Flyer has a unique step and go motion instead of using your foot on the floor you push up and down on the foot pedals which move a contained chain to move the back wheel.  Alison was really good on the scooter despite it being unlike anything else she has ridden. The Y Flyer has a weight restriction of 70kg but I decided to give it a go because I was intrigued. I really enjoyed it and I could imagine that it would be a good form of exercise, maybe they should make one for grown ups?


Putting the Y Flyer together was really easy. It came with an allen key and a spanner and you only needed to slots some bits together, tighten three bolts and add four screws for the foot rests. I managed to do this in around 5 minutes so we were soon outside enjoying the winter sun.

The kick stand was the only disappointment with this scooter as we found you have to be careful to place it properly or it could fall over. This doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the scooter which we think is absolutely fantastic. It even folds down so that you can store it easier!


To find out more visit the Yvolution website


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