Yo-Kai Watch by Hasbro

Yo-Kai watch is a tv programme taking the world by storm and Hasbro have brought the show to life with the creation of the Yo-Kai watch with Yo-Kai medals.

Yo-Kai watch

The Yo-Kai are hidden creatures that cause all sorts of mischief and with the Yo-kai medals each represent a different Ko-kai character. The large plastic oversized watch (does not tell the time) comes with two Ko-kai medals and you can collect even more in mystery bags containing 3 medals. The plastic medals each have a QR code on the back as well as plastic knobbly bits which is how the Yo-kai watch reads each of the different characters.  Each of the Yo-kai characters are allocated to a tribe based on their characteristics.

yokai watch no medal

The Yo-kai Watch has a clear plastic dome over the top which lifts up to allow you to insert or remove the Yo-Kai medals. The Yo-Kai medals slot in the front of the Yo-kai watch. When you insert the Yo-kai medals they automatically produce sound effects that vary depending on which medal has been inserted.

yokai watch with medal

There is a button on the side of the Yo-kai watch that when pressed also produces sound effects based on the Yo-kai Medal that is inserted as well as releasing the clear dome, allowing it to lift up and give you access to the Yo-Kai medals. The Yo-Kai watches also make a noise when the medals are removed and the clear dome closed. Each medal produces the Yo-kai’s name, tribe song and a saying from the show.

yo-kai watch medals

As well as using the Yo-kai medals with the Yo-kai watch you can also download the Yo-kai watch app and scan the medals into the app and play with the Yo-kai using the mini games in the app. Both of my girls have really enjoyed playing with the Yo-kai watch but I would say that is only because they love the tv show, nintendo 3ds game and the app. They did say that they wished that the Yo-kai watch had a light on it like the one in the show and game and if it could project the character from the medal that would be even better! However this didn’t affect their enjoyment and they have asked for even more Yo-kai medals to add to their watch and app.

Available at most major retailers nationwide and www.hasbro.co.uk