Yippidy doo dah yippidy day – YippyDada

When I first started asking for donations to my Tombola YippyDada were one of the first to respond. They have offered any YippyDada bag to the winner and they also offered to send me a YippyDada Chic bag. Now I am not usually a bag person, I generally wear jean so I have enough pockets for my phone, keys and my purse. I am also pretty bad at just taking the girls nappies/wipes/changes of clothes out in carrier bags. Yep you read that right I didnt have a changing bag.

With two toilet training children who are at nursery I thought this bag wouldnt really get much use and would only be good for the weekends but something changed when it arrived. You see I love it, I love the design, I love the little clip for my keys, I adore all the cool pockets on the outside and the pouches on the inside are massive. The bag may of only seen nappies about twice since it arrived but that does not detract away from its usefulness. Oh and I loved the little pink kitty it was like the radley dog only so much cuter.

It looks good doesnt it? well in real life it looks even better and best of all it fits my laptop inside of it so now rather than lugging around a disgusting black laptop bag I can carry this stylish wonderful bag and no one is aware that it should contain nappies instead.

Oh and because I wont be using the changing mat and bottle bag that comes with this I have entered it as an extra prize in my tombola.

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