WOW its new WOW toys

When I got sent the information for the new WOW toys I knew I just had to share them with you.

Especially after they donated a Cupcake Chloe to my prize draw for my Couch to 10k for Bliss.


Hi, I’m Chloe, and I’ve finished a morning baking the best cakes, buns and sweet treats around! I’m now off to deliver them in my awesome, pink, flowery trike so all of WOW Town can enjoy the sweet flavours and gooey confections I cook up in my bakery each morning.
My best friends are Mario’s Pizzeria and Whiz-Around Amy and we love to hang out in my bakery enjoying my perfectly baked cakes. My spinning ingredient sorter is operated by a removable, giant cupcake and my swinging cupboard door opens up to show you all of the baking secrets inside!
– Cupcake bakery with spinning ingredient sorter operated by giant cupcake key
– Swinging cupboard door
– Cupcake bike with automatic spinning top
– Removable figure called Chloe
– 2x removable giant cupcakes
– 5-piece set
– Removable figure called Chloe
– 2 x removable giant cupcakes
– Cupcake bakery
– Cupcake bike with automatic spinning top


Hi guys, I’m Whiz-Around Amy, and although I’m new to WOW Town I’m not afraid to whiz around and show everyone that I’m the coolest bike on the block! My cute pink and flowery paint job shows everyone that I’m a girlie-girl at heart, but when it comes to racing, I always try my best to beat the boys!

My best friends, Ted the teddy bear and Tiddles the kitten, ride along to keep me company during my tricky races and my driver, Annabelle, always knows the best places to go in town. I love to chill with Motorbike Max and Cupcake Chloe. Motorbike Max even gave me a bouquet of flowers today as he’s such a good friend!

– Motorised bike and sidecar.
– Removable girl figure called Annabelle
– Ted, the removable Teddy bear
– Removable basket with Tiddles the kitten
– Flower bouquet fits into sidecar
– 5-piece set

– Motorised bike and sidecar called Whiz-Around Amy
– Removable bouquet of flowers
– Removable basket with Tiddles the cat
– Removable teddy bear called Ted
– Removable girl figure called


My name’s Ryan and I love to go camping with my happy-camper friends, Henry, Indiana and Junior! What could be better than relaxing in the woods in front of a roaring fire, roasting marshmallows and a nice sing-along?

Some of my WOW friends are scared of the woods at night time, but I can’t get enough of exploring and starting new adventures with my friends! Casey Camper Van likes to join me when she’s not at the beach, and we play all sorts of games out here in the forests of WOW Town.

My removable tent means we can sleep safely at night and my speedy, motorised engine means we can speed in and out of the trees in no time!

– Motorised car
– Trailer and tent with magnetic hook
– Removable figures, Henry the dad, his son Junior, and Indiana the dog
– Removable campfire locates into trailer
– Tent fits into trailer
– 7-piece set

– Motorised car called Ryan
– Detachable trailer
– Removable driver figure called Henry
– Removable child figure called Junior
– Removable campfire
– Removable tent
– Removable pet dog called Indiana


Farm Buddy Benny here, out on the WOW farm fields! My good friends, Clark the farmer and Shep the dog, help me do all sorts of jobs on WOW farm. We feed the animals, stack the hay and water the fields amongst all sorts of other fun-filled activities!

We also sneak off sometimes when no one’s looking for a big mud pie fight or a race down Mount WOW! Don’t tell any of the other WOW collection though or we may get in trouble!

My off-road suspension means I am as safe and sturdy as any other WOW toy and I’ll never break down on the rough fields. My green and yellow paintjob means I can blend in to the scenery on a nice summer’s day

– Farm quad bike with rocking action
– Removable farmer figure called Clark
– Removable sheepdog called Shep
– 3-piece set

– Farm quad bike called Benny
– Removable farmer figure called Clark
– Removable dog called Shep


Fire Rescue Rory here awaiting another call out! I’ve been busy putting out fires all over the country; nothing gets past eagle-eyes Rory! I’m a new addition to the WOW collection and I’m here to prove that Rory is as reliable as the rest.

I have a magic magnetic function which lifts Jonny up and out of danger and just a simple turn of my search light drops him down to safety again. My trigger-pull motorised rotors power me up at top speed so I can get to any fire nice and quickly.

– Friction trigger powered helicopter with realistic engine sounds
– Magnetic pick-up stretcher
– Clicking rear rotor
– 2x removable figures
– 4-piece set

– Friction powered helicopter
– Removable stretcher
– Removable fire fighter called Frank
– Removable patient called Jonny

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