William William wherefore art thou William

Ok so maybe the girls are not acting out scenes from shakespeare but the new toys they got delivered on Saturday morning have certainly got their imaginations going.
Sylvanian family is a brand known by most people, you either played with it when you were younger or wanted to. A lot of the time I hear people associate Sylvanian families with being an expensive toy and yes I suppose the houses and some of the bigger sets can be but a dolls house would set you back quite a bit too and the quality will not be as good. I have yet to buy any sylvanian families toys for my girls but I knew it was inevitable as they grew up, however after receiving these sets I have even added some to the christmas list for family members to buy. You see the thing that has really changed my mind is the quality, they are so well made and so well though out.

For example take the Motorcycle & Sidecar with Mulberry Raccoon Grandparents it came with 2 maps, 2 books and a driving license for both George and Mildred. The helmets are perfectly moulded to come off easily but not fall off and you can remove some of the clothes including Georges Goggles.

The motorbike has a working pannier to store things in and the sidecars bonnet can be opened too. The motorbike seat has elasticated bands to hold the driver in place which is a really great feature. I love the thought that goes into giving each character a name and this has really helped Alison as she is not yet at the age where she is naming things so this allows her  to associate with them and play with them a lot more. They are no longer just toys with her, they have there own lives and go on adventures.

Alisons favourite character so far is William from the Royal Wedding Celebrations set This is a great value set because you get 6 characters and a bridal bouquet. The quality of their clothes is again outstanding and the attention to detail is amazing.

So after seeing how much they have enjoyed playing with these I definitely think there will be less plastic toys and more quality toys like these and if they decide to start collecting them I will just have to keep my eyes and ears out for some great deals.

I was sent the motorcycle set and the wedding set for the purpose of this review by Flair PLC

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