Wildpack Backpacks – making lunch time fun

When I went to the Toy Fair in January I fell in love with the Great Gizmo stand, yes the educational range is fantastic (more on that coming soon) but the one thing that caught my eye was the Wildpacks.

Available as handbags, backpacks, trolley suitcases in two sizes and a normal suitcase these fun looking characters make these bags stand out.

The backpacks that we received to review have a plastic shell that enables the backpack to keep its shape. This is great for stopping lunch from getting squashed. The shell is fairly tough but you wouldn’t want to sit or stand on it
as this would more than likely break it. The animal designs all come with soft plush ears giving them an adorable look that most people will fall in love with.
Wildpack bags are water resistant, easy to clean and really light.

The backpacks are available as dogs and dragons as shown in the picture above but also as elephants, hippos, owls, rabbits, tigers and pandas. All just as cute as each other in my opinion.

With adjustable straps these can fit a variety of sized children and I think they make a great lunch bag. The girls wanted to use them for  picnic in the garden and they really did hold a lot. The net across one side helped to keep the contents in order and prevented things from getting squashed.